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“During the law-abiding time of Israel's history, houses lacked doors. A curtain was hung in place of a door. Pagan dwellings in surrounding areas had heavy doors, sometimes of stone, carefully fitted into the stone wall, as a necessary protection against other men. This difference, discovered by archeological work, is a striking one. When morality was prevalent, men at peace with their neighbors, and the law obeyed and enforced, the purpose of a door was merely to insure privacy, and a curtain, in a moderate climate, was sufficient. In lawless neighboring countries, stone doors were required, and men lived as prisoners within their own homes, in effect besieged by a lawless world.”

- Rushdoony


“Apart from Jesus Christ, men are judicially dead, i.e., under a death sentence, before God, no matter how moral their works. With regeneration, the beginning of true life, man does not move out from under God's unlimited liability. Rather, with regeneration, man moves from the world of unlimited liability under the curse, to the world of unlimited liability under God's blessings. The world and man were cursed when Adam and Eve sinned, but, in Jesus Christ, man is blessed, and the world progressively reclaimed and redeemed for Him. In either case, the world is under God's law. Blessings and curses are thus inseparable from God's law and are simply different relationships to it. The world of regenerate men is the world of the law.”

- Rushdoony

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“In the Biblical sense, peace is that order and prosperity which flows out of reconcilation to God and a restoration to life under God. Life in Eden was marked by peace with God and therefore peace with man, within man, and with and within nature. Life in Christ means the progressive restoration of that peace as man grows in Christ and as the world is brought under His dominion. The source of peace is man's regeneration in Christ; it is more than the cessation of hostilities: it is the growth of communion and it is personal fulfilment in Christ as well.”

- Rushdoony


“The modern social order robs God by stripping virtually every area from His jurisdiction, from His ordained government and care. Within a generation after the abolition of the legally required tithe in the United States, the state supported and controlled schools came into existence. Because revivalism and antinomianism led to the decline of the tithe (denounced as "legalism" and bondage to law), by the beginning of the 20th century welfare came to be a statist function. A new social order came with the abandonment of the tithe, and the rapid increase of taxes ensued, or statist double and triple tithes and more, to further that new order. Foundations, once an instrument of the Christian tithe, became humanistic social agencies with statist ideals. The City of God was progressively replaced with the City of Man.” - Rushdoony


“Those that truly fear God will not dare to do any thing cruel or unjust.  It was purely that which restrained him. He was thus generous, not that he might have praise of men, or serve a turn by his interest in the people, but purely for conscience’ sake, because of the fear of God. This will not only be a powerful, but an acceptable principle both of justice and charity.”

 – Matthew Henry



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