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"Here is the urgency of prayer enforced by the compassions of our Lord. It is prayer born of compassion for perishing humanity. Prayer is pressed on the Church for labourers to be sent into the harvest of the Lord. The harvest will go to waste and perish without the labourers, while the labourers must be God-chosen, God-sent, and God commissioned. But God does not send these labourers into His harvest without prayer. The failure of the labourers is owing to the failure of prayer. The scarcity of labourers in the harvest is due to the fact that the Church fails to pray for labourers according to His command."

- E.M. Bounds


"We can thus conclude, fourth, that only in monogamy does the man have real rights, because only in the monogamous marriage is there a true union of man and wife. Instead of competition for a man's favor, the Christian monogamous marriage sees the woman united to her husband in godly faith and love. There is trust instead of rivalry. In such a marriage, the man commands a love, service, and loyalty which is not common to polygamous unions. He exercises rights unknown in other cultures. It is not an accident of history that in Christian countries women are more responsible, more capable of productive work, and far more attractive than in other cultures. Christian monogamous marriage is marriage in its truest form because it is faithful to the laws of creation."

- Rushdoony

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"Israel had already a Divine deposit of religion and worship and morality and civilization, all of which they had but to accept and assimilate in order to be the strongest, the safest, and the happiest nation on the face of the earth. But the Divine law was too high and too good for the Israelites. Their hearts were hard, and they were not upright in God's covenant. And the new monarchy was already threatening to become a very stronghold of that hard, worldly, rebellious spirit. Saul, in spite of all that Samuel could do, was soon to become a complete shipwreck. But the throne was destined to stand long after Saul was cast out of it; and Samuel is determined to do his very best to secure that Saul's successors shall have around them and over their people a class of men who, if not indeed prophets, yet shall watch over the religion and the morals of the people, in the prophetical spirit and in the prophetical name. And thus it came about that at Naioth in Ramah the first school of the prophets was set up."

- J. Hastings


"Not only does a meritocracy create a deeper sense of inequality, but it does not bring the best abilities to the top. The testing method comes, significantly, from the background of the civil service. It does identify and foster the bureaucratic mentality, not the inventor or entrepreneur. It is geared to a statist mentality, not a Christian or a free mind.

Thus, the meritocracy creates a new elite, a specially privileged class of intellectuals and bureaucrats, who thrive under the examination system. It creates a new ruling class strictly organized in terms of these new standards. Britain is replacing its old lords with a new House of Lords, made up of intellectuals and labor politicians. Special privilege has not been avoided: it has simply shifted from one group to another. Moreover, state officials, in every socialist society, give special privileges to their children; the family thus re-asserts itself, but now re-enforced with the power of a monolithic state."

- Rushdoony


“For this sin-hungry age we need a prayer-hungry Church. We need to explore again the "exceeding great and precious promises of God." In "that great day," the fire of judgment is going to test the sort, not the size of the work we have done. That which is born in prayer will survive the test. Prayer does business with God. Prayer creates hunger for souls; hunger for souls creates prayer. The understanding soul prays; the praying soul gets understanding. To the soul who prays in self-owned weakness, the Lord gives His strength. Oh that we were men of like prayer as Elijah - a man subject to like passions as we are! Lord, let us pray!”

- Leonard Ravenhill



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