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"Then, under a king who was loyal to Jehovah, and on whom the personal influence of the prophet Samuel made itself felt, Samuel's idea of a theocracy was realized, although the regal form of government was one which he had not been at first prepared to welcome. The fruit of Samuel's faithfulness still appeared, after he himself was dead, in the prosperity and glory of the reign of the son of Jesse. Where Saul, false to Samuel's principles, had been only a splendid failure, David, true to these principles, became under God a splendid success." - J. Hastings


"TRIALS teach us what we are; they dig up the soil, and let us see what we are made of; they just turn up some of the ill weeds on to the surface." - Spurgeon

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"I have known a malignant human being throw in the face of two poor broken-hearted parents the certain truth that their son had fallen into sin and shame, and been compelled to fly his native land; and I have thought that truth may sometimes be spoken in a way that shows the very spirit of the devil in the individual that speaks it. And if, in finding fault with people, young or old, you show that malignant exultation at having found a sore subject,-at having found the place where a touch will always make the poor creature wince, in the wretched remembrance of something wrong or foolish,-it need hardly be said that the truth spoken in that fashion will never do good, but evil. But oh, how different it is if the truth be spoken in love, as St. Paul would have it! If the Christian minister speaks the truth in love; if he speaks as one who is preaching to himself as much as to any other, and who knows he needs to be reminded of all truth as much as any other; if he speaks with that humility wherewith we all should be clothed, and with a heart full of kindly affection towards the flock entrusted by God to him: pointing out errors to be corrected in no fault-finding spirit, and setting forth the terrors of God's law as one whose best prayer is that every one who hears should flee unto Jesus and be safe from them: oh, how much more likely it is that the truth so spoken will go home to the heart, and be honoured by God's good Spirit as the means of converting, edifying, and comforting!"

- A.K.H. Boyd


"Consider for a moment this man Paul. God and Paul were on intimate terms. Revelations were granted him. His servants were angels; at his fingertips were earthquakes. His Spirit-powered words shattered the fetters from the soul of a spirit-bound girl, who men had snared as a fortuneteller. In Corinth, this mighty man Paul drained apart of the Slough of Despond, and there on the devil's doorstep established a church. Later, he snatched souls from under the nose of Caesar, right from Caesar's own household. And before kings Paul was at home, for he said, "I count myself happy King Agrippa!" Paul also stormed the intellectual capital of the world (Mars Hill) with resurrection truth and thereby routed their learned. While Paul lived, hell had no peace."

- Ravenhill



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