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“It is a relief to turn from the darkness of Saul's character to the glory of David's. David is one of the surprises of the Old Testament. No one ever expected anything of him; no one thought that he was likely to be Israel's greatest king. The youngest son of an undistinguished family, set to the inglorious task of shepherding-usually allotted to the slaves, females, or despised of the family-known chiefly as a dreamy lad, quite unfit for practical service, he was no more likely than Jacob to be a leader of men. Samuel can hardly believe that this stripling, called hastily from his flocks, is to be the Anointed of the Lord. And David himself never got over it. That he, a shepherd boy, should be placed on the throne of a mighty empire, that he should be the Anointed-the Messiah Prince, type of a Greater to come-anointed by Samuel of God, seemed an impossible dream And yet, here again, the unexpected happens: David, with all his disadvantages, soon outstrips Saul. And the one characteristic which shines out so clearly in his character is his obedience.”

- G.H.S. Walpole

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“The outside world might not know, but we knew, whence came that happy light as of a new-born smile that always was dawning on my father's face: it was a reflection from the Divine Presence, in the consciousness of which he lived. Never, in temple or cathedral, on mountain or in glen, can I hope to feel that the Lord God is more near, more visibly walking and talking with men, than under that humble cottage roof of thatch and oaken wattles. Though everything else in religion were by some unthinkable catastrophe to be swept out of memory, or blotted from my understanding, my soul would wander back to those early scenes, and shut itself up once again in that Sanctuary Closet, and, hearing still the echoes of those cries to God, would hurl back all doubt with the victorious appeal, "He walked with God, why may not I?"”

- John G. Paton


“One way in which disciples wash one another's feet is by reproving one another. But the reproof must not be couched in angry words, so as to destroy the effect; nor in tame, so as to fail of effect. Just as in washing a brother's feet you must not use boiling water to scald them, nor frozen water to freeze them.”

-D.L. Moody


“HOLINESS is the architectural plan upon which God buildeth up His living temple.”

- Spurgeon


“The "closet" was a very small apartment betwixt the other two, having room only for a bed, a little table and a chair, with a diminutive window shedding diminutive light on the scene. This was the sanctuary of that cottage home. Thither daily, and oftentimes a day, generally after each meal, we saw our father retire, and "shut to the door"; and we children got to understand by a sort of spiritual instinct (for the thing was too sacred to be talked about) that prayers were being poured out there for us, as of old by the High Priest within the veil in the Most Holy Place. We occasionally heard the pathetic echoes of a trembling voice pleading as if for life, and we learned to slip out and in past that door on tiptoe not to disturb the holy colloquy....(More)”



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