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"Similarly, an employer-employee relationship is not strictly person to person. Non-Christian free-market economics has insisted that such a master-worker relationship cannot be governed by anything but the operations of the market. Modern statism has instead insisted on its right to intervene with its own statist law. The tragedy of both positions is their essential lawlessness. The one exalts the personal will into law, the other the political will; the one a market principle, the other a socialist principle. In a godless society, neither the individual nor the state can be expected to act under law; both will operate in terms of sin. As a result, their concept of law will be the exercise of power in order to increase power. But, in terms of Scripture, neither the state nor the employer can have a direct relationship with anyone apart from God." - Rushdoony


"Therefore the little word "Amen" means the same as truly, verily, certainly. It is a word uttered by the firm faith of the heart. It is as though you were to say, "O my God and Father, I have no doubt that you will grant the things for which I petitioned, not because of my prayer, but because of your command to me to request them and because of your promise to hear me. I am convinced, O God, that you are truthful, that you cannot lie. It is not the worthiness of my prayer, but the certainty of your truthfulness, that leads me to believe this firmly. I have no doubt that my petition will become and be an Amen.

In this respect some fail disastrously in their prayer. They nullify it, for they utter it merely with their lips and not with their hearts, because they will not believe that they are heard until they know, or imagine that they know, that they have prayed well and worthily. Thus they build on themselves. They will all be condemned. Such a prayer cannot possibly be sufficient in itself and worthy to be heard by God. No, it must rely on the truthfulness and the promise of God, for if God had not bidden us to pray and promised to hear us, then all creatures could not obtain so much as a kernel of grain with all their prayers. Therefore, take note that a prayer is not good and right because of its length, devoutness, sweetness, or its plea for temporal or eternal goods. Only that prayer is acceptable which breathes a firm confidence and trust that it will be heard (no matter how small and unworthy it may be in itself) because of the reliable pledge and promise of God. Not your zeal but God's Word and promise render your prayer good. This faith, based on God's words, is also the true worship; without it all other worship is sheer deception and error."

- Luther


"Just imagine how you would like it if a person were to entreat you earnestly and then conclude by saying, "But I do not believe that you will give it to me," although you would surely have given it to him! You would regard his petition as mockery and would retract your promise, and perhaps even punish him. How, then, can we expect it to please God, who promises to grant our petition, when our doubt gives him the lie, when in our prayer we act contrary to the prayer, when we insult his truthfulness, which we invoke in our prayer?...(More)"

- Luther

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