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"Perhaps there is no finer test of obedience than in a recognition of authority when it is contrary to our judgment. It may be that we are told by authority to take a certain action or to give up a certain practice which concerns others as well as ourselves. Obedience will mean a public slight, a humiliation. It is not merely giving up our own will, but humbling ourselves though we feel sure we are right. The enemy will laugh us to scorn. We shall be called "turncoats" or cravens. And just in proportion as our personality is strong we shall feel the pain of obedience. Our obedience will then be worth something. For the obedient is not the spiritless, unintelligent drone that always does what he is told because it is least trouble, because it is easier to obey than not, but the man who, having a will and mind in strong opposition to the voice of authority, puts them under his heel."

- G.H.S. Walpole

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"Besides instructing their successors in the art of carrying on a popular movement, Wilberforce and his followers had a lesson to teach, the value of which not so many perhaps will be disposed to question. In public life, as in private, they habitually had the fear of God before their eyes. A mere handful as to number, and in average talent very much on a level with the mass of their colleagues;-counting in their ranks no orator, or minister, or boroughmonger;-they commanded the ear of the House, and exerted on its proceedings an influence the secret of which those who have studied the parliamentary history of the period find it only too easy to understand."  - Life and Letter or Lord Macaulay

- G.H.S. Walpole


"The State and Church of Israel had Samuel's service to the end. What there was out of the great past that was worth preserving, he did his best to preserve. What of the old order could safely be carried over into the new order, he did his best to carry over. As far as Samuel was concerned, Saul and his kingdom not only should have fair play, but should have all Samuel's influence with God and with man. It is only a great man and a noble who can act in that way. And the more individuality of character, the more independence of mind, the more strength of will such men have, the nobler is the thing they do." - J. Hastings


"Elijah was a man skilled in the art of prayer, who altered the course of nature, strangled the economy of the nation, prayed and fire fell, prayed and people fell, prayed and rain fell. We need rain, rain, rain! The churches are so parched that seed cannot germinate. Our altars are dry, with no hot tears of penitents. Oh for an Elijah! When Israel cried for water, a man smote a rock, and that flinty fortress became a womb out of which a life-giving stream was born. "Is anything too hard for the Lord?" God send us a man that can smite the rock!"

- Ravenhill



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