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"Lord, I tearfully ask: teach me to pray with groanings so that there are earthquakes in hell. Teach me the groanings of the Spirit until angels stand in awe. Teach me Spirit-born intercession that changes history. Teach me the birth pains of the Holy Ghost until hell-shaking revival is born. Lead me into travail that will hold back divine judgment from the nations for a little season. Let me be a living sacrifice on the altar of prayer, "bleeding to bless," until flood tides of mercy sweep the nations. Lord, break my heart in intercession until my eyes, like those of Jeremiah, are a fountain of tears weeping for the slain of an educated, but spiritually dead, people."

- Leonard Ravenhill



"When the state dispossesses the family of property and replaces the family as the custodian of property, the marriage tie is harmed thereby. The communist thesis that marriage and monogamy are products of private property is clearly wrong, but the family is the major custodian of property in all history. To rob the family of property is to weaken its power over its children. Children and property, these are the two major areas of social function for the family, apart from the prior educational and religious functions. Socialism attacks parental control over both children and property in order to ensure the priority of the state in society."

- Rushdoony

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"Not too many years ago, this writer had more than a little experience with gamblers in Nevada. Although generally profane men, they sometimes prayed, and they held it against God that their prayers were not answered according to their heart's desire. Sometimes when gambling with desperation, they prayed for sensational success, promising God that a large portion of the winnings would go to the priest, minister, or church. One man even promised to repay his mother some money he had long owed her. Somehow, because of their "noble" declarations, God as their "partner" was supposed to bless them, and it was evidence of the fraud of religion that God did not bless them. In all such cases, men establish the conditions, rules, or laws of blessing and then expect God to comply. Since this kind of bargaining is blasphemous, it can only merit judgment, not a blessing. An unsound enterprise is not made good by naming God a partner. Man cannot break God's law without being broken."

- Rushdoony



"Private ownership apart from His law is accursed. Each man ends up a lonely island on his property, surrounded by a lawless, alien world of ravenous men. The alternative is no better: a communistic society in which men have land in common, but life in silent hostility and suspicion. Obviously, no arrangment of property can supply the loss of God and His regenerating power. On the other hand, among regenerate men, a variety of economic orders can prevail successfully. The Hutterites, a sect of communally oriented Christians who hold all things in common, are able to out-compete their neighbors in America who live on privately owned farms. The reason is that the motive force is not private property but faith. Clearly, the Bible does establish private ownership as the God-ordained form of land-holding, but just as clearly it does not identify land arrangement as the source of blessing."

- Rushdoony


"The man who can get believers to praying would, under God, usher in the greatest revival that the world has ever known. There is no fault in God. He is able. God "is able to do… according to the power that worketh in us." God's problem today is not communism, nor yet Romanism, nor liberalism, nor Modernism. God's problem is - dead fundamentalism."

- Leonard Ravenhill



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