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“There are many aspects of the law of which the worst of men approve. In prison societies, murderers despise rapists, thieves despise murderers, and so on. Each criminal wants all the world of law and order except his personal area of exemption. Some criminals are proudly self-righteous of their areas of compliance. No thief is exempt from prison because he has not murdered, nor is any murderer exempt because he has not committed rape.”



“The attack on private property can take two basic forms. First, by denying God's law, powerful individuals can despise the property rights of weaker individuals. The Social Darwinism which prevailed in the United States and elsewhere after 1860 led to "robber barons" who used their power to trample law underfoot. These men justified their lawlessness by appealing to evolution and "the struggle for survival." The Social Darwinists held that "the cultural and the biological progress of advanced peoples is assured so long as 'the law of competition' is allowed to operate freely and, in respect to the human species, to assume the form of a 'struggle for existence' which only 'the strongest' survive."11 The Social Darwinists had no real interest in private property; their concern was to use the theory of evolution as a guide for society. It became a tool for justifying massive theft.”


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“To return to the interpretation of theft as, essentially, the robbing of a man's freedom: false weights and measures, fraudulent money, and the destruction, impairment or theft of property all diminish or destroy a man's freedom. Property is basic to man's freedom. A tyrannical state always limits a man's use of his property, taxes it, or confiscates that property as an effective means of enslaving a man without necessarily touching his person. The interpretation of Noth and von Rad, instead of altering the traditional interpretations of the eighth commandment rather reinforce them, in that theft is seen as more than the lawless seizure or destruction of property: it is at the same time an assault on a man's freedom.”



“Freedom in itself means freedom for something in particular. If all men are "free" to murder, then there is no freedom for godly living; no peace or order is then possible. Men are then no longer free to walk the streets in safety. If men are "free" to steal without penalty, then there is no freedom for private ownership of property. If men have unrestricted free speech and free press, then there is no freedom for truth, in that no standard is permitted whereby the promulgation or publication of a lie can be judged and punished. False witness is then favored and the importance of truth is denied.”



““Ye shall have just balances.” The shekel and the homer were to be fixed standards. If fraud be allowed to creep into our commercial scales and measures, the fraud will corrupt every transaction. The very heart of the mercantile system will be poisoned. Villany secreted here would spread as from a centre to the whole circumference of commerce. It is supremely important that men establish right standards of speech and conduct. If the exchange is to prosper, it must (like the throne) be established in righteousness. Over the portals of every shop, on the beam of every balance, engraved on every coin, ought the maxim to run in largest capitals, “Whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them!””

– Spence-Jones



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