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A king must make his state magnificent, and taxes must be imposed on farmers and merchants everywhere to support that royal dignity. A standing army, too, must be maintained, and the cost of that would fall on the land. The natural effect of having a king would be to develop large towns; not merely the metropolis, but towns everywhere; also to establish a class of professional governors, of high-born military leaders, of local governors, of tax-collectors. Invariably it has been seen that a people broken up into tribes maintains a considerable uniformity in the distribution of wealth; and that, wherever empires or kingdoms are formed, and a central government is established, we have at once a large development of all activities, material, industrial, and physical; but at the same time we have a rapid increase of wealth in a few hands and impoverishment of the mass of the people.  

- W.G. Elmslie


"Yonder is a hollow; he who enters that recess is quite out of sight. Jesus has passed into that hidden place, and there, in the darkness, he kneels: he cries: he supplicates: he speaks with God: he prays. Is this his rest after a toilsome day? Is this his preparation for coming labor? It is even so. That early morning of prayer explains the evening of power. As man he had not possessed that wonderful power over human minds if he had not perpetually communed with God. And now that his day's work is done, and the marvellous evening is over, all is not ended - a life-work still remains before him, and therefore he must pray. He feels a needs-be that there should be more marvellous evenings - that there should be further displays of power, and therefore the Great Worker draws nigh again to the source of strength, that he may afresh gird up his loins for that which lies before him. Dear friends, there is always a connection, even if we do not see it, between that great crowd on Sunday, and the pleadings of the saints; - a most intimate connection between the flocking converts of the ministry and those secret prayers which follow and precede it. There is such a connection that the two cannot be parted. God will not send great blessings in the way of open conversion if secret prayer be neglected. Let the preached or the church forbear to pray, and God will forbear to bless. Ay, and after conversions, unless there be again special prayer presented by the Lord's servants, much that looked like blessing may turn out to have been but the semblance of it, and future blessing may be withheld. If I could impress my heart on every syllable, and baptize every word with my tears, I could not too earnestly entreat you to be above all things earnest in prayer."

- Spurgeon


"It takes the whole man to pray till all the storms which agitate his soul are calmed to a great calm, till the stormy winds and waves cease as by a Godlike spell. It takes the whole man to pray till cruel tyrants and unjust rulers are changed in their natures and lives, as well as in their governing qualities, or till they cease to rule. It requires the entire man in praying till high and proud and unspiritual ecclesiastics become gentle, lowly and religious, till godliness and gravity bear rule in Church and in State, in home and in business, in public as well as in private life."

- E.M. Bounds



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