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Only people with a dream or a vision are able to accomplish amazing things in life.  When our dreams and visions die, we become slaves to hopelessness and despair.  The Pulpit Commentary says something profound about the impact of despair:

"Despair unfits alike for human and Divine service. Men are moved to duty by the hope of good or by the fear of evil. These motives cannot avail one who does not believe that his state can be either bettered or worsened. The man becomes careless of his happiness, indifferent to salvation. The biblical medicine for despair is the firm insistence on the message of salvation. God is coming-is on the way, to requite, to redeem, to deliver." [1]

Dreams and visions cause life to be filled with faith and hope; they cause us to look to the future with expectation and look to the present with thanksgiving.  When people lose their dreams life becomes dead.  The good news is that dreams and visions are a natural result of receiving the Holy Spirit; it causes people to become visionaries.  

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1. The Pulpit Commentary: Isaiah Vol. I. 2004 (H. D. M. Spence-Jones, Ed.) (571). Bellingham, WA: Logos Research Systems, Inc.

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American Heritage

Ignorance of the truth of America's history robs us of a vision which would restore justice and prosperity to our nation.  Being raised in a generation which emphasized the faults of American history, as a teenager I lacked an appreciation for the incredible inheritance our founding fathers left us.  It was through traveling abroad that I began to realize that there is something about America which truly is great and worthy to be proud of.  Yet, I only really began to get a full picture of the cause of America's greatness when I found ministries like wallbuilders, a ministry dedicated to restoring America's true history.  After examining America's historical documents, there is no question that Biblical religion was the source of America's greatness.  American exceptionialism is an inheritance which is under tremendous attack from internal forces which would rob us of the blessing America's fathers left for their children.  Yet it isn't the fact that it is under attack that has me excited, it is the vision of hope for the future that I can see is possible if we return to the foundations of our great nation that excites me.

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If  We Revive the Dream

Why I Received this Newsletter

If the church today would begin to grasp the incredible power of prayer, we would see great personal, local and national miracles take place.  All nations on the earth are groaning under the tyranny and oppression caused by sin;  whether it manifest in economic distress, political and moral corruption, sickness and disease or any other form, people are looking for relief.  Yet, people often become convinced that the powers that be are too great and too entrenched for them to dare to hope for change.  They cannot imagine that there is any power great enough to deal with the giant problems which are in the land.  Yet, when we turn to Scripture, we discover that there is not only hope that things can change, but also a clear strategy to bring about such change.  A critical element of that strategy is prayer.

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Imagine your six year old daughter waking up on Christmas morning and eagerly running into the living room full of dreams and expectations only to be greeted with a small present wrapped in shipping paper.  Already disheartened, she opens the gift and finds only one small piece of paper roughly six inches wide and three inches tall.  She has no way of comprehending the significance of that piece of paper which is a check for one million dollars.  It is only when she discovers what that present is worth that she realizes the incredible gift she was given that Christmas morning.  The analogy seems unbelievable considering the unlikelihood of a six year old being given such a valuable gift, yet it doesn't even begin to express the value of God's gift to us at Christmas.  I dare suggest that today, after roughly 2000 years, the value of Christmas is still barely understood, because if it was, the whole world would look radically different.

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