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Many people today are hoping for change.  They might not necessarily understand what they are looking for, but something deep inside of them knows that things are not the way they are supposed to be.  The good news is that there is one sure hope for change which will never disappoint, and that hope is the inheritance of Biblical religion.  There is an incredible opportunity before us today to bring healing to the nations by applying Biblical wisdom to the problems of modern society.

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My eyes were opened to the urgent need to restore America's true history one day when I heard some Christian youth discuss how they hated America.  The reason they had such strong feelings toward our nation is because they were indoctrinated with rhetoric that demonized America's history.  The sad fact is that, if they only understood America's true history, they would be proud of their heritage.  It would cause them to be broken in prayer to see that heritage restored in our day.

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One of the great messages of Scripture is that there is always hope for the oppressed.  Sometimes it may seem like the problems we are facing in our lives or as a society are too great to be dealt with, yet nothing is impossible with God.  All throughout the Bible, people faced impossible situations yet prevailed through the power of God.  The secret to their success was prayer.  Prayer causes the power of God to be manifested upon earth.

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What if there was a clear roadmap to heal the economic, moral, social and political ailments of society which was guaranteed to work?  Would we be willing to invest our time and energy to bring it about?  Such a roadmap is clearly spelled out in the Bible.  Society today is like a beggar living on the street who is heir to a multi-billion dollar fortune.  He lives in poverty because he does not know about the wealth that is his.  Jesus likened the kingdom of God to a treasure hid in a field which, when a man finds it, for joy over it he sells all he has to possess it. Mission Harvest Newsletters are part of a dream that I have of connecting people with a vision of the future that is impregnated with hope, a hope which will not fail because it is founded upon the word of God.

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